2019 Finalists

Meadow's Brothers' Farm (Winner)

Founder: Thian Carman

Age: 19

Location: Barton, Nova Scotia 

Meadow’s Brothers’ Farm is owned and operated by Thian Carman, who has received local and national recognition as Nova Scotia’s youngest registered farmer. Thian knew that he wanted to be a farmer long before the age of 15 and he has received national awards for his research on the impact of music on the quantity and growth of chickens’ eggs. Thian manages over 200 acres of land, producing free range eggs, lamb, hay and maple syrup. 

Thian is on a mission to bring sustainable agriculture back to Digby County by reclaiming abandoned farm lands and placing them under nutrient management plans in order to produce high quality local feed sources for farmers in the most ethically and environmentally friendly way possible.

VIS Foods

Founders: Warren Dietrich, Jack MacDonald and David Giffin

Ages: 24

Location: Windsor, Nova Scotia

VIS Foods specializes in vegan superfoods, which are plant-based foods that are extremely nutrient-rich, and beneficial to overall health and well-being.

In April 2017, 24 year old Co-Founder Warren Dietrich was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After receiving his diagnoses, Warren began to realize the importance of healthy eating and living.

Produced locally and made from 100% Atlantic Canadian grown Hemp Seeds, VIS launched its first product “Protein & Fibre Hemp Powder” only four months ago and is already carried in 13 retail stores in Atlantic Canada. 

VIS believes in giving back to the community and gives 10% of e-commerce sales to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC).   


Founder: Jake Chambers

Age: 21

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia 

NovaCare is innovative way for Nova Scotians to interact with Healthcare. Created by 21 year old Jake Chambers, NovaCare is an app that allows users to book appointments, follow up with healthcare providers, and monitor hospital wait times. This app will use existing data to improve experience and decrease wait times.

Jake experienced what it was like to go without a family doctor, and was motivated to help solve this problem. 

A Saint Mary's University student, Jake was recently part of a team from the Sobey school of Business that placed second in a Venture Capital Investment Competition in Boston. Jake is currently an Associate for Venture Grade, a Saint Mary's student lead investment fund.