100 Entrepreneurs Planting Seed$ Youth Pitch Competition

100 Entrepreneurs Planting Seed$ was created in 2015 in response to the Ivany Now or Never report. The report stated that only 12 % of youth polled between the ages of 16-24 wanted to start their own business.

At a YESNS meeting to discuss this report, the question was asked: how are we going to get youth interested in entrepreneurship?

A micro-funding pitch competition was one suggestion.

Why not get 100 people together, armed with a cheque for $100, to watch a youth pitch competition where the winner takes home $10,000 to move their business forward? And why not invite various stakeholder groups (like youth, youth/entrepreneur support organizations, business leaders etc.) to join in on the event?


100 Entrepreneurs: Planting Seed$ was born.

Co- Founded by Stefanie MacDonald, Jacqui Rostek, Amy Richard and Allyson England, 100 Entrepreneurs Planting Seed$ has contributed over $50,000 to youth led ventures.

Each event has brought over 200 people together, to connect and celebrate entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia.





Frequently Asked Questions

Why 100 Seed$ Atlantic?

In the past, 100 Entrepreneurs Planting Seed$ was a grass roots initiative. To create some structure and support around the event, we've created a non-profit organization.


Why the event?

We want to give young entrepreneurs a chance to grow a viable business in Atlantic Canada. We feel that this opportunity will serve both as a forum for micro-funding great ideas, but also as a way to educate and encourage young Atlantic Canadians to roll up their sleeves and TRY.


What's In It for you, as Business Leader and/or Entrepreneur?

In addition to blazing a trail for young entrepreneurs, we believe that tangible business opportunities will come out of this event for our 100 Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders. In addition to networking with other leaders in the room, you'll also have a chance to earn new business from our finalists. We believe that is a powerful opportunity for local business owners.


How Does The Event Work?

  • 100 Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders purchase a $100 ticket to attend the event
  • 3 Youth Venture Finalists pitch their business ventures (in 8 minutes or less)
  • 100 Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders vote, and then write their micro-investment cheque to the winner


    In the past I brought my cheque, why do I have to pay in advance?

    To simplify the payment process, we've decided to collect funds in advance of the event. This will help us collect the funds for the winning youth venture, as well as ensure we have the full $10,000 to contribute.


    Who Can Come?

    • We are inviting 100 Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders to micro-fund a business venture
    • We are inviting up to 30 Applicants & Finalists (free to attend)
    • We are inviting up to 20 Student Spectators (free to attend)
    • We are also inviting 15 Youth Organization Representatives (free to attend) 
    • We believe this mix will encourage outreach, education, mentorship & venture capital opportunities


    How Will the Money Be Handled & Spent?

    • Cheques are payable to the winning registered business name, or founder(s) if a business name has not yet been registered
    • We realize there is a bit of risk involved - as we as Entrepreneurs know. We are asking you to take a calculated chance on our vetted finalists. We believe that by taking a chance on qualified young entrepreneurs that are committed, driven, connected and practiced, we are investing in the next generation of business leaders in Nova Scotia - in a meaningful tangible way.